We are planning to move to a new place in the Sejong City early next year (2019). So, we do NOT accept prepayment at the moment.

Our Location


We are located in Daejeon City. If you are currently living in South Korea, you can come to 'Daejeon' city by train(Korea Railroad Root Map) or by bus. When you arrive in Daejeon, take a taxi and show the following card to the taxi driver to get to the IAAN clinic.


(If you have problems in finding us, call us at 042-489-0297 and let us talk to the taxi driver.)


If you arrive at 'Daejeon Train Station', you can ride a subway train there. Get off at 'City Hall' subway station. Then, go out through Exit 2. From there go straight until you find the 'Galleria TIMEWORLD' department store. Behind the 'Galleria TIMEWORLD', there is a 'Dunkin Donuts'. We are on the 4th floor of 'Dunkin Donuts' building.


From the City Hall subway station to the clinic, it takes about 10 minutes by walk. For more information, click HERE.


( We are in Daejeon City.)


ADDRESS: 1014, Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, 302-120, SOUTH KOREA

PHONE: +82-42-489-0297 (In Korea, 042-489-0297)

FAX: +82-42-488-8613 (In Korea, 042-488-8613)


ADDRESS: 1014, Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, 302-120, South Korea

TEL: 042-489-0297 (From overseas: +82-42-489-0297)   FAX: 042-488-8613 (From overseas: +82-42-488-8613)

E-mail: iaanclinic@gmail.com

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